Project Description

Purpose: Fastening – anchoring of aluplast tubes and moving PP pipes (burials) in the floor two-pipe distribution of heating. It is used for fixing arches in pairs connected with articulated gripper. 03-01 plus art. 03-02. The advantage of this method is to eject the use of the tip and increase the efficiency of the assembly, which is done by drilling one hole fi 8 in the concrete substrate.
Characteristics: The positions are made of high quality PP copolymer with addition of additives and colors, technological injection molding process, which gives the product high impact strength, hardness and thermal stability for application in the temperature range from -10 to +118 C.
Dimensions: fi 8x86x84,5 mm with radius of fixation R 15 mm and axial distance of radius 50 mm which meets the radiator H valve.
Colour: Yellow, due to the visibility of the mounting area.
Packaging: Quantity 5 pcs. is compact, the basic package is 50 pcs. a total of 1500 pcs. Basic in the PE bag and collectively in a cardboard box.