In addition to selling finished products from its own production, POLY doo also deals with wholesale:

  • POLYMER PP and PE for all technological processes of processing and application from renowned European manufacturers with the trade name:
    Liten, Mosten, Borelis, Tipplen, Tipolen , Tipelin Sabic, Buplen
    We are exclusive distributors for the sale of HDPE Litena and PP Mostena (manufacturer UNIPETROL RPA sro – Czech Republic) for the territory of BiH.
  • POLISTIREN (PS) for technological procedures of spraying and extrusion.
  • Technical polymers: PA, POM, PC, ABS, SAN and others. exclusively at the request of the buyer
  • Colours (masterbatch) for PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET.
  • Additives for PE and PP: UV stabilizers, antioxidant, slips, antistatic, anti-block, flame retardant, fillef CaCO3.
  • We have technical documentation and attestations for all these products.
  • In addition, we also offer:
    • Manual and machine stretch foil
    • Heating program for central heating (pipes, knees, rosettes and reductions)
    • Distribution cabinets for central heating
    • Bathroom radiators