Project Description

Purpose: It serves to attach PE-X pipe diameter fi 10 mm by installing wall heating or cooling over large areas. In addition to the function of holding the pipe rack is achieved by installing a proper arrangement of connecting pipe clamps commensurate step of 25 mm (50, 75, 100, 125, 150, etc). Schedule pipeline depends on the budget firewood power (kW) heated space. Advantages of the wall system are manifold: possibility of heating and cooling the same pipeline, high level of efficiency, save in space without compromising aesthetics, low temperature mode energy sources, cozy and healthy ambience along with favorable microclimate, no increased consumption of mortar – plaster on the wall.
* Terminations rails allow PRESS-click connection without length limits.
Characteristics: Position has been made of high-grade PP copolymer including addittives and color. The advantage of the rack relative to the other mounting systems is: speed ​​of installation, firmly and slide holding the pipe, allows regular schedule line pipe. Attaching the main wall is derived fi 6 screw anchors with a screw through constructive holes spaced every 100 mm. The construction of the counter battens lips to apply and compact binding mortar-mortar without the possibility of separation and visible joints. Length strips of 400 mm allows appropriate and acceptable packing, handling the paper without cutting and waste. Recommended grading installation is 4-6 pcs/m or 0.8-1.2 m linear schedule.
Dimensions: 400x24x13
Colour: Black.
Packaging: According to the attached table. Basicin PE bag and collective in the cardboard box.