Project Description

Purpose: As a mechanical protection for ALUPLAST pipes at underfloor separations of heating. Protects the pipeline of heating from mechanical damages and the direct contact with the concrete base that enables the replacement of the pipes in the installation.

Characteristics: Product has been made of the polypropilene copolymer with the supplements of addittives and colours. It is made in blue and red colour as a mark for separation of the warm and the cold line. Possesses all characteristics regulated by the European standard for pipe systems GAS EN 50086-2-4:1994 and the report about the testing with the certificate about the quality no. 30-03-02 / 51 / 12-1 issued by Mining Institute Tuzla.

Dimensions: fi 25/19,4 mm.

Colour: Orange red / blue.

Packaging: Towards the enclosed table. Bunch in thermocontracting foil, five bunches in Pe bag and pallet in strech foil.